Everything Old is New Again, Vol. 4 - July and August 2018

by Hunter Bush

Hoo boy, it's been hot here in Philly. Welcome to Summer, I guess? More like 'Welcome to Pre-Autumn' as I like to think of it. As a kid, summer always meant a break from school, so that was nice, but I was never a big fan of the heat. I love to swim, despite how often I've seen Jaws (or Deep Rising, hahaha...) but that's about it for me, summer-wise. Even as a kid, I preferred the air-conditioned darkness of a movie theater.

So if you're like me, Everything Old is New Again is here to help! Here at EOiNA, I look into the Remakes, Adaptations and Legacy (or Long-Gap) Sequels making it to theaters in the coming months. But, before we get down to business...

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The Best of 2018 - The First Half

Our world in 2018 may be tumbling blindly into a black hole of despair, but luckily 2018 movie-world has been pretty dang cool. MJ crew and contribs gave us their top film picks (so far) and we ranked 'em up all pretty for you. Check out the list below!

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Watch It, Wolfie! The NeverEnding Story

by Jessie “VHJESS” Landivar-Prescott & Wolfgang Prescott

Whereupon my 6-year-old son Wolfgang and I tackle different movies every week and return to earth from the frontiers of cinema with questions & answers. With a crayon drawing to boot.

The NeverEnding Story
June 26, 2018, 9:30am
The Alamo Drafthouse, Yonkers, NY

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Hitchcock's The 39 Steps (1939) and Notorious (1946)

by Fiona Underhill

If there is one name you associate with the word thriller, it has to be Hitchcock. Of course, his psychological technicolor masterpieces from the 50s and 60s are his best-known works, but his earlier black-and-white films have at least as much to offer the genre. The provincial and parochial Great Britain of Jamaica Inn (1939) and the train journeys of The Lady Vanishes (1938) and Strangers on a Train (1951) all had themes foreshadowed by The 39 Steps (1935), with its long train journey to rural Scotland. Made in the pre-war period when the rise of fascism and communism was threatening Europe, The 39 Steps deals with a non-specific foreign power trying to obtain military secrets from the UK. The spy genre was popular in the 30s because of the rapid rise in arrests and trials of Soviet spies in Europe. The 39 Steps fulfills many tropes of the genre; such as an ordinary man being under suspicion, falsely accused, on the run and desperate to clear his name (later used by Hitch in North by Northwest, of course).

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