2016 Movie/TV Characters That Would Make Awesome Halloween Costumes

by Joseph Juhase

I love Halloween. As soon as September rolls in I start thinking about what my costume will be and anticipate the early sunsets and cool evenings to come. Everything about it fills me with joy: the costumes, the candy, the parties, and most importantly the movies. And what better way to connect with your favorite films then to spend a night as your favorite character? 2016 has so far been a lackluster year for genre movies. By the time October 31st rolls around I’m sure that we will be seeing throngs of both male and female Ghostbusters and Deadpool. If you’re looking for some costume inspiration then you’re in luck, because I’ve compiled a list of 2016 characters that are sure to leave an impression with any die hard film or tv fan. So let’s get into it:

1. Jesse – The Neon Demon: Regardless of how you felt about Nicholas Winding Refn’s film about the dark side of the fashion industry, there’s no doubt that the film is oozing with style. Model’s physique is an optional addition. This look is fairly simple. Once you’re all gussied up, just splash a bunch of fake blood over you. Just not in the hair. All you’ll need is:

  • A blue cocktail dress
  • A braided hairstyle/wig
  • Sticker jewels
  • Eyeliner/lipstick
  • Fake blood

2. Black Phillip/Thomasin – The VVitch: One of the most hyped about horror films to come out this year. The creepy tale of The VVitch stayed with many film lovers long after the lights went up. Black Phillip, the ominous goat is another easy costume to pull off. Having a significant other dress up as Thomasin would be a cute couple’s costume! Here’s what you’ll need:

Black Phillip

  • Black pants/long sleeved shirt
  • Grey or black beard (either grown out or a fake one)
  • Two long horns (can be found at any Halloween store)
  • Brown shoes (You want to suggest a pair of hooves)


  • The most virginal clothes you can think of
  • White bonnet
  • A simple white apron
  • A long grey shawl

*** You can also go as the Witch herself if you’re into that. Just strip naked and carry a large branch around and you’re set!***

3. Kubo – Kubo and the Two Strings: The latest from animation studio Laika. Known for their immaculate attention to detail, their most recent film is by far the most stunning. Kubo is a character with a lot of elements to his look, so if you’re looking to show off, this could be the choice for you. For this look you’ll need:

  • Your hair/a black wig styled into a top knot
  • A shamisen
  • A toy katana
  • Shoulder pads painted silver
  • Silver chest plate
  • A red kimono
  • A black eyepatch
  • Black pants, tight fit
  • Wooden sandals

4. April/Léo – April and the Extraordinary World/Phantom Boy: Another idea for a couples costume, this time featuring the leads from the two best animated films that you slept on in 2016. Both are French, both are wonderful. What you’ll need is:


  • A pink dress
  • A sturdy pair of work boots
  • A snowglobe
  • A cat plushie (If you’re afraid of breaking a snowglobe)
  • A love of science


  • White Tape
  • A red baseball cap
  • A red, long sleeved shirt
  • White pants
  • A black sharpie
  • A pair of black slippers

***Use the white tape to mimic the pattern on Léo’s hat and shirt***

5. Florence Foster Jenkins – Florence Foster Jenkins: Florence Foster Jenkins is in need of some recognition. While it’s not the best movie, there’s no denying that Jenkins was quite a character. As an added bonus, if you end up having a little too much fun at that Halloween party, your unwarranted caterwauling will be in character. You’ll need:

  • A large tiara
  • Angel wings
  • White gloves
  • A white dress
  • Fake pearls (Though if you can get the real thing, more power to you)
  • Complete and utter confidence that your singing is a miracle from up above

6. Pennywise – IT: While the remake is still a year away (And no longer being directed by Fukunaga) Pennywise never fails to scare. There has been a lot of debate over the new look of the beast from beyond the stars’ preferred form. Let’s not forget that Tim Curry is by FAR the best thing about the original. However, if you want to pay homage to Curry’s performance while remaining true to the book, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Clown makeup
  • Orange clown wig (usually comes with a bald cap)
  • A red nose
  • Baggy clown outfit in SILVER
  • Orange pom poms to go down the middle
  • White gloves
  • Balloons

7. Blind Man – Don’t Breathe: Another recent horror flick that’s getting a lot of buzz. The look is pretty simple, as long as you don’t mind contact lenses. You’ll need:

  • Grey colored contact lenses
  • White tank top
  • Jeans
  • Heightened hearing
  • A creepy aura surrounding you

8. Hank/Manny – Swiss Army Man: One of the weirdest films to come out. Silly and bizarre, Swiss Army Man provides another idea for a couples’ costume. Whoever decides to go as Manny should have a pretty easy night, since all they have to do is lie around like a dead corpse. Hank is the one who needs to move you all night. Just make sure you get a ride home later. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • You best lumbersexual beard/attire
  • A white undershirt
  • A crazed look in your eye


  • Grey scale makeup (You’re a corpse, so you want to look as dead as possible. Maybe, put some blue around your lips?)
  • A checkered dress shirt
  • Blazer
  • A black tie
  • Jeans

9. Competitive Endurance Tickler – Tickled: It wouldn’t be Halloween with at least one insensitive costume of poor taste. The largely upsetting documentary Tickled is also an easy source for just that type of outfit. Think of this outfit as one of those tacky costumes where your dick is the focal point. You’ll need:

  • An athletic shirt
  • Athletic shorts
  • A pair of fake handcuffs
  • An assortment of feathers, toothbrushes – really anything that tickles
  • A cool head while you explain your costume

10. Poster – Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World: Herzog’s latest documentary focuses on the Internet and its future. The poster is striking, if not a little pretentious, and this costume is no exception. You’ll need:

  • A nice fitting suit
  • Wires and other computer organs

***Step 1. Wrap stuff around your head. Step 2. Enjoy!***

11. Sing Street – Sing Street: A charming little film with a surprisingly catchy soundtrack, Sing Street is just one of the answers to your cheesy 80’s band fantasies. The band has a lot of parts to it and looks like if there was a crash course education in the worst of 80’s fashion. Here are some things to consider while you decide on your final look:

  • Cowboy attire
  • Glam rock makeup
  • Match a trench coat with a ruffled shirt
  • Bad 80’s baby blue prom suits
  • Duran Duran couture 

12. Literally Anybody from Stranger Things: Continuing with the 80’s theme is the key to all our Halloween costume indecisiveness. I mean come on; you already know exactly which Stranger Things character you’re going to be this year. You’ve bought all the props (Christmas lights, A box of Eggo Waffles, Blonde wig, your bike, your d20 die, etc.) and have already coordinated with all your friends so that you’re not stuck with three Elevens. You’ve all argued for hours about who’s going to be Barb this year. You can be sure to look forward to seeing how awesome you all look together as you make your way to whatever trouble you plan on getting into this Halloween.