Can't Care - Week of August 22, 2016

Welcome to this week’s installment of Can’t Care, Moviejawn’s weekly roundup of all the entertainment news we just can’t care about.

In this special edition of Can't Care we're saying NO to a few choice movie trailers. 

Francis Friel, The Projectionist

The twenty-seventh coolest movie of 1997. I'm calling it right now: tax shelter.

Rosalie Kicks!, Old Sport

I’m guessing Warren Beatty never got the memo. You know the one that told him this Howard Hughes biopic thing…yea, it has already been done. It’s called The Aviator…the amazing picture which both Leo and Marty should have won for. Beatty won’t even get close to the awesomeness that is that picture.   

Pruneface Beatty though, he can’t care guys. He is going to press on with this pile cause he knows exactly what we need: a bunch of wrinkly raisins sauntering around on screen with words falling out of their mouths. And OH! Right, let’s not forget those scenes of creepy old dudes kissing on ladies that are 50 years their junior. The stuff nightmares are made of. Wow, it’s a good thing Hobie got that Han Solo thing all sewn up cause this picture will go up in flames and will most likely take out anyone in its path. 

Jaime Davis, The Fixer

I feel like this movie has been made before? Like once every three years or so something very, very similar gets dumped onto the masses? And Isla Fisher is the major hotness but she's paired with the Galifianakis which makes little sense? I mean, I like him and all but whatever cause he's a sexless blob? And like does anyone really have the last name Jones anymore? LIke if I was a major spy I think I'd give myself a better cover than that? And why is this movie even necessary?