We Made a Best of 2017 (So Far) List, Too

2017 has been a heckin crazyass six and a half months already, and life at the movies hasn't been too shabby. The Moviejawn crew and contribs Ian Hrabe, Sandy DeVito, Emmi Kurowski, Hunter Bush, Billy Russell, Liz Locke, Evan Popplestone, Wilson Holzhaeuser, Ryan Smillie, and Jessie Landivar Prescott sent us their top five films of 2017 (so far), along with thoughts on their #1 pick. And the winners are!

1 - GET OUT (10 votes, 3 #1 spots)
"Jordan Peele has created the most revolutionary mainstream horror film of the decade, mining genre tropes from throughout cinema history to create a distinct and original vision, and deliver a simple message to his audience: "Get out." - Francis Friel, The Projectionist

2 - LOGAN (8 votes, 3 #1 spots)

"I came for the R-Rated glory of Wolverine jamming his adamantium claws through dudes' skulls; I stayed for the deliberate pacing and shockingly adult form of storytelling rarely seen in a comic book movie."- Ian Hrabe

3 - JOHN WICK CHAPTER 2 (3 votes, 3 #1 spots)

"KEANU. FUCKING. REEVES. This movie is what happens when you give a couple stuntmen with a serious vision millions of dollars and Keanu Reeves. My favorite film of the year thus far and maybe my favorite film of the year, period. A mythic fucking knock-out. Can't see myself loving any movie more than this in 2017." - Sandy DeVito

4 - RAW (4 votes, 2 #1 spots)
"How far will you go to be who you really are?  How far will you go to hide it?" - Ashley Jane McClosky

5 - GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 (4 votes, 1 #1 spot)
"Daddy issues have never been this fun!" - Hunter Bush