Watch It, Wolfie! The NeverEnding Story

by Jessie “VHJESS” Landivar-Prescott & Wolfgang Prescott

Whereupon my 6-year-old son Wolfgang and I tackle different movies every week and return to earth from the frontiers of cinema with questions & answers. With a crayon drawing to boot.

The NeverEnding Story
June 26, 2018, 9:30am
The Alamo Drafthouse, Yonkers, NY


Jessie: Wolfie, did you feel like this movie took you somewhere else?
Wolfie: No, I don’t feel like it took me anywhere.

J: Why is Morla allergic to youth?
W: Morla’s not young, he’s really old. Maybe because he hasn’t been around a kid in a long time.

J: How did Atreyu get clean? [After Atreyu is rescued from the Swamps of Sadness by Falkor the Luckdragon.]
W: Maybe the mud fell off or Falkor cleaned him. Maybe the witch put a spell on him and he got clean and the band-aid from the spell.

J: How come the Southern Oracle Sphinxes started crumbling?
W: Maybe because of the “Nothing”. Or maybe because they were really old.

J: Is the “Nothing” coming to real life over there? [Meaning, in Bastian’s world.]
W: No, I think it was just a lightning storm.

J: Which character made you feel a feeling & what feeling was it?
W: There was sad stuff like when the horse died but he did come back to life at the end. But it was still sad when he died even though he comes back to life.


J: Do you know what the word “recommend” means?
W: Yes. When you like something and you tell someone.

J: Would you recommend this movie? To who?
W: Yes! Everyone. Everyone that I know and [everyone] who asks me about it. So, if someone I know asks me if they should see The NeverEnding Story I’d say ‘yes’. The NeverEnding MORRIE, hahahahaha!

J: How many stars out of 5 stars would you give this movie?
W: 5!