Sundance Short Film Festival Tour

by Rosalie Kicks, Old Sport

Short films have opened doors for many of today’s favorite filmmakers such as the likes of Lynne Ramsay, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jennifer Kent, and Wes Anderson. It is also not uncommon for a feature film to first start as a short flick, giving the filmmaker an opportunity to sell their idea to an audience in hopes of securing funding for a full-length venture. The first iteration of Jim Cummings’ Thunder Road was actually a short and the same for the 2019 Sundance sensation, Greener Grass.

So if you are looking to get in on the ground floor of the latest crop of upcoming filmmakers, the Sundance Short Film Festival Tour is an event you should have on your radar. This weekend the Sundance Shorts will be making a pit stop at everyone’s favorite cinematic mausoleum: PhilaMOCA.

Below you can find a sneek peek of the flicks that will be gracing the screen. The films will showcase a variety of genres including, narrative, documentary and animation. Tickets are now on sale here. Butttt…if you want to attend the event for free? Simply, leave a comment below and your favorite movie pals will select two lucky winners. Winners will receive two tickets each and are able to select the screening time of their choosing.


Sometimes I Think About Dying
Written and directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz
Runtime 12 minutes

It is not easy to tell a story in a matter of minutes, it is even harder to get someone to feel something. Filmmaker Stefanie Abel Horowitz, manages to do just that. This short flick centers around Fran, a demure lady working a nine to five at an office job who often thinks about dying. I was impressed with how quickly the writer/director introduced me to this character and made me care.


Written and directed by Aggie Pak Yee Lee
Runtime 4 minutes

A colorful short animated film about a class that visits an Art Museum. Written and directed by an upcoming filmmaker hailing from Hong Kong.


The Minors
Written and directed by Robert Machoian
Runtime 10 minutes

A snippet in the heartwarming life of a grandpa and his grandkids, that also happen to be his bandmates. The writer/director also shared cinematography duties and edited the impressive miniature flick.


Suicide by Sunlight
Written and directed by Nikyatu Jusu
Run time 17 minutes

Set in a society that is fully aware of vampires, this tells the story of a black vampire Valentina. Black vampires, are unique as they are able to walk amongst the living due to the melanin in their skin, allowing them to be out in daylight. Unfortunately, Valentina still lives a rather isolated existence. Here’s the thing - don’t ever mess with a mother and her children. A noteworthy short from a filmmaker to keep an eye on!


Crude Oil
Written and directed by Christopher Good
Run time 15 minutes

The color scheme, the pacing, and shots were reminded me a bit of a Wes Anderson flick mixed with some David Lynch vibes. A surrealistic/quirky story about a twenty something woman who is trying to make it on her own and rid herself of an oppressive relationship that is the cause for lack of self confidence.

Written and directed by Meryam Joobeur
Run time 25 minutes

A powerful short film about a man who is forced to confront his emotions when his alienated eldest son returns home with his new wife. An engrossing drama that shows the effect of leaving family issues unresolved. Can’t wait to see what’s next for this promising female filmmaker.


Fast Horse
Directed by Alexandra Lazarowich
Run time 14 minutes

A documentary short that centers around the thrilling game known as the Indian Relay - a fierce horse racing competition.

Saturday, June 22 4:30pm + 7:30pm
Sunday, June 23 4:30pm + 7:30pm