A Chapter in the Sweet Handmade Life of Cinepeg

by Jessie “VHJESS” Landivar-Prescott

How often do I scroll my hours away on Instagram? No more than any other person with obsessive tendencies. (Example, I am currently listening to “Something About You” by Level 42 on repeat as I write.) If today were the last day of my life, I wouldn’t have any regrets about it. Of the various social media platforms, Instagram has rerouted the drives of a lot of other nerds out there. I’m not the only one. The gutsiness that hiding behind a screen affords introverts like moi means that making Insta-friendships is more comfortable than it could possibly be IRL.

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Watch It, Wolfie! The NeverEnding Story

by Jessie “VHJESS” Landivar-Prescott & Wolfgang Prescott

Whereupon my 6-year-old son Wolfgang and I tackle different movies every week and return to earth from the frontiers of cinema with questions & answers. With a crayon drawing to boot.

The NeverEnding Story
June 26, 2018, 9:30am
The Alamo Drafthouse, Yonkers, NY

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