A Place by the Sea

by Rosalie Kicks, Old Sport

I know I’m going to haunt someday.

Being a ghost is in my DNA. Given the opportunity to have a ghost life, I have yet to discover the downside. I was raised by wolves. Therefore, I had to rely on movies to teach me about the facts of life. The movies have only helped prove: A ghost life is a good life. So when it comes to afterlife planning, I have found no better tutelage than my film library. Take, for example, Beyyyla Lugosi as Dracula. If it wasn’t for him, I would never know of the various bunks that are available when it is time to go sleepies. One needs to make sure their coffin is velvet lined for comfort. May even be a good idea to try it out beforehand as a bed. Take it for a test spin...before it is too late.

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