Everything Old is New Again, Vol. 10 - July and August 2019

by Hunter Bush

Hello again and welcome back to Everything Old is New Again, the column where I write about the movies & series coming to screens of all sizes in the next two months, but specifically the ones based on some previously-existing work, intellectual property or franchise. I also included two movies coming to limited release based on true stories because, cynic that I am, I question the ethics of releasing these stories Right Now. But we'll get there.

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Sundance Short Film Festival Tour

by Rosalie Kicks, Old Sport

Short films have opened doors for many of today’s favorite filmmakers such as the likes of Lynne Ramsay, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jennifer Kent, and Wes Anderson. It is also not uncommon for a feature film to first start as a short flick, giving the filmmaker an opportunity to sell their idea to an audience in hopes of securing funding for a full-length venture. The first iteration of Jim Cummings’ Thunder Road was actually a short and the same for the 2019 Sundance sensation, Greener Grass.

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